What is KSRPS?

Ken’s Simplicity Role Playing System (KSRPS or Simplicity for short) is a role playing system designed and developed to be a non-genre specific system where anything is possible.

Have you ever wanted to play a magic wielding, two headed, zombie with an inferiority complex  in a steampunk world and was told by the GM “NO you can’t play that”.

Then this is the game for you.

If you have a creative imagination and the capacity to tell a good story Simplicity is a roleplaying system you should check out.

Simplicity is a cross between a traditional dice roleplaying system and a storyteller game.

Simplicity allows you to create any kind of character, play in any kind of world, and develop an organic unique story.

Check it out.

KSRPS Downloads

Manual – Dec 2016 PDF

Character Sheet – June 2019 PDF(Print version)